Actega DS’s TPE Compounds used to make Comfortable, Flexible Respiratory Masks

  • 2020-04-17 12:00:00
  • Reporter

With the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc globally, the demand for personal protective equipment such as masks and protective gloves has been soaring. Now Actega GmbH is providing information of it’s compounds which have been used in FFP masks. FFP masks (Filtering Facepiece Particles, also called respiratory protection mask) is a type of protective mask certified by the European Union, which protects against particulates such as dust particles and various viruses in the air.

The PROVAMED® 3150, 3160 and 3170 TL TPE compounds manufactured by Actega DS are great alternatives for the manufacture of valves and the surrounding sealing lips of FFP masks. These translucent TPE compounds are distinguished by their particular compatibility with skin, good sealing properties, and flexibility accompanied by their media resistance.

The Actega Group is part of Altana AG. Actega DS GmbH produces industrial sealants - synthetic resins, plastics materials, non-vulcanizable elastomers, and other related products.

The Bremen, Germany-based company explained that there are three types of respiratory protective masks depending on requirements: Filtering face pieces or FFP masks, which filter even the smallest particles such as dust and aerosols out of ambient air; Half-masks, which cover the mouth and nose and can be combined with various particle and gas filters and Full Masks, which cover the entire face, have a visor and protect breathing as well as the eyes. Like half-masks, they can be combined with filters against particles and gasses.

In the manufacture of these masks, often in a dual-component process, a particular adhesion is required on the part of the hard component – often made of PP – with the resilient component made of TPE. The highly-adhesive TPE produced by Actega DS can guarantee such bonding, according to the company.

Masks with connectors and respiratory tubes used in emergency care are often made from PVC, where the tube needs to be firmly adhered to the mask. PROVAMED® 1345 TP and PROVAMED® 1360 TP have the potential to be bonded to PVC using standard MEK and THF solvents. These TPEs are also distinguished by a balanced degree of flexibility, resistance to bending, and rigidity. They can be sterilized by means of Gamma radiation or ETO gas without impairing their material properties and display perfect adhesion, particularly to polystyrene, ABS, and PVC

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