Desma Open House will now be Virtual “Xperten Forum 2020

  • 2020-10-12 12:00:00
  • Reporter

The 2020 edition of Desma Open House is being replaced by Desma 'XpertenForum 2020', due to the global coronavirus pandemic and the resulting restrictions on travel. It taking place currently, having started October 6 and running till October 22, 2020. 

The global injection moulding and elastomer technology major’s XpertenForum 2020 is an interactive digital event. It is the company’s attempt to virtually/digitally replace-or in future, to supplement- events, in a time- and cost-saving manner.  

Upon request, the visit is supplemented by an individual presentation of the event format, which must be agreed with the respective contact person at the company. Desma claims that as a 'return for invested time', visitors will gain important and useful information about the injection moulding of elastomers

Desma plans to integrate the XpertenForum into the Desma Ecosystem SmartConnect4U, so it can be used for similar measures in the future. 

Visitors to the event are welcomed through a live stream by the management and sales staff from the FutureLab in Fridingen, Germany (where Klöckner Desma Elastomertechnik GmbH is based) or from one of Desma’s other global locations

Appointments can be made with a Desma expert or a personal sales partner to discuss individual solutions. 

Within the framework of the Xperten Forum are workshops which were previously shot and recorded in Fridingen. All videos are available in English and German, with subtitles offered in many other languages. It is possible to comment on the workshop videos shown and to ask questions, which will be answered by the relevant expert. 

In addition, the Xperten Forum makes it possible to go into a private “room”, through its live chatroom function, for private conversations with a personal sales partner or one of the Desma experts. 

The XpertenForum is available by registering at

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