Schill+Seilacher Struktol at RubberTech China 2020

  • 2020-09-24 12:00:00
  • Reporter

RubberTech China 2020, the leading international rubber technology exhibition, was held at the Pudong Exhibition Centre, Shanghai, China, from September 16 to 18. This was the 20th edition of the popular event, which usually draws a diverse crowd of attendees and participants from across the world. However, in light of the prevailing coronavirus pandemic, this year’s edition of the exhibition was different. Despite the best efforts of the organizers, the China United Rubber Corporation, to mark the landmark 20th year of the event with special events, including eye-catching booths selling souvenirs, among other features, the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting travel restrictions had a significant impact on international attendance, as well as on the scale of RubberTech China 2020. 

Representatives from Schill + Seilacher GmbH Struktol, the German specialty chemicals major, took part in the event and noted that the 2020 edition of one of the global rubber industry’s most popular fairs was unlike any others that preceded it. 

About 500 companies attended the exhibition, spread over two and half exhibition halls, about 60% of the size of the usual size of exhibition during other years of the RubberTech China event, when about 800 companies participated in the exhibition, spread over four exhibition halls. About 40% of participants who had earlier booked, cancelled their plans to attend due to COVID-19 concerns. 

The team from Schill + Seilacher Struktol China (SS China) remarked that the number of visitors to the event seemed to not have decreased significantly, but strikingly, there were almost no foreigners at the show compared to other years. 

SS China participated at RubberTech China for all three days, with a booth that was “a bit more economically designed” than during prior years and pointed out that while their overseas competitors were not present, several of their competitors from China participated in the exhibition. 

S+S was unable to send its experts from overseas to RubberTech China 2020, unlike during previous years, but Mr. Gino Liao and Mr. DH Lee, who were in quarantine for 14 days earlier, attended and ran the company’s booth, along with their sales staff, promoting Struktol products. They said that during the third day of the exhibition, local employees working for international companies such as Hutchinson, ContiTech, Continental, Hankook, Pirelli, Michelin, PTE, Kenda, Trelleborg, Hexpol, Kraiburg, GITI, Linglong Tire, Aeolus Tire, Sailun Tire and Doublestar Kumho visited the SS China booth to share updates on market trends and production information. 

Members of the company’s team celebrated SS China’s 15th anniversary at a special dinner at a restaurant in Waitan, by the invitation of S+S Hamburg, where a celebratory letter from Mr. Guido Robbe was read and the celebration was shared online with Mr. Colin Clarke. 

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