Conti’s Korbach Motorcycle Tires with TractionSkin Technology

  • 2020-09-23 12:00:00
  • Reporter

Continental AG is highlighting the unique nature of its Conti Attack tires produced in Korbach, which feature unique TractionSkin technology. This technology features a special coating on the tire mould which allows the tire to slip smoothly out of the mould without the use of a release agent. Otherwise, when a release agent is used, the rubber bladder is coated with a release agent, which then  adheres to the surface of the tire and has to be ridden off before the tire’s first “high speed use” so it can perform with the required grip level. Now, with the use of TractionSkin technology, in addition to the tire’s microrough surface, this separation process provides for exceptional grip on the road right from the very start. 

The break-in time remains unaffected by this “instant grip effect”, which, depending on the road conditions and the rider’s riding style, can be around 160 kilometers (99.4 miles), according to the German tire and technology major. Strong acceleration, hard braking, and extreme leaning should be avoided during this period. “In the initial phase, the tire needs moderate, uniform loading to reach optimal performance following vulcanization at the plant and to adapt to the operating conditions of extremely high-performance motorcycles,” explained Volker Plett from Continental’s technical customer service for motorcycle tires department. This means that full-throttle highway sections are an absolute no-go during the tire break-in period, while leisurely cross-country routes are ideal. In this context, the higher the speed and power of the bike, the greater the loads on the tire. 

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